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Does Autumn Season Affect My Hair?

Grl! Let's spill the tea on how fall messes with our hair. So, after soaking up all that summer sunshine, our hair's like, "Girl, I'm parched and feeling like straw!" Then, when fall rolls around with its cooler, drier vibes, it's like our hair says, "Hello dryness, flatness, frizz, and static, my old friends."

autumn weimann hair

Just like our skin craves extra love in fall, our hair needs that TLC too, right? So, what's the deal? We gotta work that fall hair care magic! Transitioning from summer to fall is a must to keep our hair on point all season long.

Oh, and is it just me, or does our hair get even drier in fall? The chilly weather and low humidity make our hair's outer layer go, "I'm lifting off!" That means moisture escapes, leaving us with a dry and frizzy situation. Plus, indoor heating gets cranked up in fall, making it worse.

But guess what? Dry fall hair doesn't have to be our vibe. Check out these fall hair care tips and our fave products like the Ultra Hydrating Glossy Locks100% Pure Shampoo, Conditioner, and our best selling Bangin Hair serum overnight hair mask – they're legit for locking in that moisture! And that BH golden serum Anti-Frizz is a game-changer for fighting frizz.

Fall hair tips:

1. Increase your hairs moisture levels with overnight hair mask

2. Stay hydrated and eat your veggies!

Foods to Dig in This Autumn for balanced health and good hair (lightly cook 'em for the win):

- Apples

- Cranberries

- Pumpkin

- Squashes (butternut, acorn, spaghetti)

- Broccoli

- Cauliflower

- Collard greens

- Kale

- Carrots

- Leeks

- Brussels sprouts

- Sweet potatoes

- Parsnips

3. Trim your hair. Say good bye to split ends.

4. Choosing products with 100% real ingredients

5. Reduce heat and use protective hair styles like braids!

So, to wrap it up, fall is cute, but it's a hair challenge. Let's embrace the season and keep our locks on fleek with these tips, from fresh trims to hydrating products. Our hair care game should be strong all year – we're not letting it slip in the fall!

The key to fabulous hair, no matter the season, is a solid routine that suits our hair type and the weather. Add our Bangin Hair products to the mix, and our hair will stay looking bomb!



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