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From Pain to Purpose: Bangin Hair Gives Back to Fight Endometriosis

At Bangin Hair, there’s empathy in every sale — and this time, it’s personal. Founder Autumn Weimann was recently diagnosed with endometriosis. And while this diagnosis brought answers she had been seeking for years, it also created more questions about where to go from here, both in health and in business.

One way she is healing through half a lifetime of pain and confusion is to help others realize they’re not alone. Bangin Hair has always been more than just products, which is why 5% of sales are going directly to endometriosis awareness and research.

By becoming an ally for endometriosis awareness, Autumn is giving a voice to those suffering in silence.

What Is Endometriosis, TBH?

Periods are already no fun, but endometriosis makes a tiresome task worse. It’s a chronic condition that’s tough to diagnose unless you’ve been living in misery for years.

Endometriosis is when the endometrial tissue grows outside of the uterus. It’s extremely painful and can complicate fertility. It can affect women of all ages, including adolescents and post-menopausal women.

It doesn't end there. It can have a devastating affect on other aspects of health, especially mental health. The emotional toll can make daily living nearly impossible. Women with endometriosis usually have anxiety, depression, and feelings of isolation. They can’t go about their days like normal people.

For Autumn, a journey toward diagnosis wasn’t linear. Symptoms emerged in high school and were brushed off as dysmenorrhea. She was prescribed birth control and mindfulness. Her symptoms eventually disappeared for seven years, then returned with a vengeance.

There’s also no cure for endometriosis. Lifestyle changes can help with the symptoms, such as improving mental well-being or reducing pain. But endometriosis never completely goes away.

Bangin Hair is hoping to change this by contributing to endometriosis awareness and donating funds for research.

How Bangin Hair Turns Every Purchase Into Impact

Autumn just recently received her endometriosis diagnosis after suffering (not in silence) for more than 16 years. Her pain is the reason Bangin Hair exists as she sought healthier, safer alternatives to mainstream personal care products that may have played a role in her illness.

And she’s not stopping there. Bangin Hair is donating 5% of all sales to help those who suffer from this silent disease. These donations will go to raise awareness and fund much-needed research to get closer to a cure.

Most importantly, Autumn and her Bangin Hair team want others to acknowledge the significant impact of endometriosis on physical and mental health. Together, we can create spaces for communication, education, and improved quality of life — you don’t have to suffer in silence.


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