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vitamin sea over vitamin c

Let's talk about a hard pill to swallow or not swallow, shall we?

Sometimes less really is more and from our POV that includes your daily vitamin supplement intake. Yes- we all do it. We’ve all given into the “take your vitamins daily” scheme since we were kids. Making them in fun shapes like the Flinstones didn’t help us either. However, what they don’t tell you is that you probably get enough of your daily dose of vitamin C from your diet alone. Yes, NATURALLY. Guava, red pepper, oranges, broccoli, potatoes, strawberries, papaya, the list of (yummy) foods with more than enough of your %DV is endless. Talk about a hard pill to swallow!

In most cases it’s not always necessary to dose up on daily vitamins and sometimes it can even be harmful when adding a vitamin supplement to your diet. It’s easy to see nutrients on a vitamin label and assume that they’re needed. After all, they call them “essential” and more of a good thing probably can’t hurt, right? Wrong. There’s a delicate balance to the way that nutrients work together in our bodies and too much of one thing can impact another. For example, too much vitamin C intake can interfere with your ability to absorb other essential nutrients, like B12.

Don’t get me wrong, vitamin deficiency is a serious thing. For instance, Children and women who have recently given birth are commonly known to have higher needs of Vitamin C intake because their bodies are adapting to drastic changes. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that stregnthens your immune system. Lower blood pressure and risk of heart disease, improvement of iron absorption, and skin firming are just a few beneficial health results of adequate vitamin C consumption. If it’s the doctor's orders to take supplements because you are low on essential nutrients- by all means, do what the doc says! But don’t forget to maintain a diet that includes foods high in the nutrients you’re lacking because basically, an apple a day DOES keep the doctor away!

Most hair vitamins have synthetic vitamin C (aka ascorbic acid) on their list of ingredients likely to trick you into buying their product because there’s an “essential” nutrient on the label. Bangin Hair is not about that fake sh*t. REAL, NATURAL, CLEAN ingredients are what we’re all about. In addition, we understand you can’t just take a supplement and expect to see changes- let’s be real girl, there’s probably only one magic pill out there, and your grandpa is using it! A healthy diet to make up for lack of nutrients is the easiest and most natural way to maintain your body regulation. Citrus fruits and veggies are the best way to intake the max amount of vitamin C needed for a healthy lifestyle. Our unique Vitamin supplement does not include Vitamin C because you’ve likely got more than enough of it already! I mean, a single potato has half of your daily vitamin C requirement...Fries before guys? YES PLEASE!

Bangin Hair wants you to look and feel the best you possibly can which is why we’ve included ONLY the rare and essential nutrients necessary in stimulating the health of your body-inside and out!


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