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The Secret, Ancient Ingredients That Are The Key to Hair Growth

People have existed for a really long time. In that time, humans have discovered some of the most potent ingredients in the world to help with hair growth, skin health, and overall therapeutic remedies. Unfortunately, over the years, some of these ingredients have slowly faded out of mainstream consumption lines as the rise of Western medicine came about. We at bangin hair have a mission; to provide all our queens with the hair of their dreams using the ingredients you don’t know but will love.


Let’s take a look at some of our most-prized ingredients so you can Hakuna Matata your way to better hair.

Black Seed Oil

You might be familiar with the spice ‘cumin’ in your food for its unique taste. The coolest part is that black cumin can be squeezed to produce a gentle, antioxidant-rich oil that benefits the skin, hair, and body. It is one of the top hair growth ingredients as its chock-full of thymoquinone, an antihistamine that re-energizes hair follicles in areas where your hair may be thinning. Thick hair for the win!

We lied. The coolest part of the black seed oil is that Queen Cleopatra (renowned for her unique beauty) herself used the “magic oil” on her luscious skin and hair.

Turmeric Root

Turmeric is an orange root commonly used in traditional Indian cuisine. Turmeric has been used for centuries to treat acne, wounds, and, most importantly, hair loss. It has anti-inflammatory properties that calm down angry hair cells and prevent dandruff, dryness, and fungus (gross). Who knew that the secret to great hair is actually in the ground?


Pronounced ah-sh-waah-ghan-dah, ashwagandha (also known as winter cherry, Indian ginseng, or poison gooseberry) is a leafy plant that produces a red, cherry tomato-like fruit. The roots are the most commonly used part of the plant and are ground into a fine powder. Ashwagandha is known for boosting fertility and testosterone in men, reducing stress and anxiety, boosting brain function, and increasing the levels of the hormone DHEA in your body. DHEA helps stimulate hair growth, boost sexual fun-ction (see what we did there?), and decrease stress levels, amongst other things.

Fo-Ti Root

Fo-ti is an herb traditionally grown in Southeast Asia. The root is often processed to create various anti-aging remedies for skin, hair, and even cancer. Fo-ti stimulates hair growth and also maintains the melanin or pheomelanin in your hair follicles; (pheo)melanin is the pigment in your skin and hair, meaning that fo-ti prevents and reduces the number of grays on your head. Even if you’re not suffering from gray hair, you’ll be shocked to see how much more vibrant your hair is after a few weeks of using fo-ti root.

Where Can I Get All These Ingredients?

Buying all these ingredients individually can be an expensive and complicated task, so why not purchase our bangin hair magic oil to up your hair care routine or hair vitamins to fix your problems from the inside out. Beauty starts from within, after all.


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