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The Seed You Need

Hey gorgeous! Are you still dreaming of a cure for your dry, frizzy hair? Something magical that can promote healthy hair growth, glowing skin, and an overall healthier you? Girl, its time to wake up from your nightmare because I’ve got what you need!

nigella sativa

Black seed is your new BFF! The seeds from the fruit Nigella sativa that grows in Southwest Asia produce an oil that had even Ancient Greek physicians in a frenzy. No, seriously, the ancient Latin term for the seed was ‘panacea’ which literally means ‘all healing’ or ‘cure all’. Even Egyptian King Tut was in on the seed scoop. He was entombed with black seed oil to accompany him on his next journey, so we all know he’s looking flawless in the afterlife! Black seed oil is redefining “royal treatment” and you can experience it too.

I know what you’re thinking and no, you’re not still dreaming. If I haven’t sold you yet, here’s a few things black seed has been proven to do for you. First, let’s talk inflammation. Black seed oil contains something called thymoquinone…say that five times fast! Thymoquinone directly inhibits inflammation and reduces oxidation along a variety of pathways essentially regulating your immune response. High blood pressure? Cholesterol out of whack? Arthritis? Asthma? Girl let’s say it together: BLACK SEED. Period. Aaand speaking of periods!

The magic seed even helps with relieving stomach pain and cramps, reducing gas and bloating! Unreal, right? But black seed oil not only makes you feel good on the inside, but the outside as well! The list continues! The seed you need also improves skin moisture and hydration. In fact, Dermatologists have found that the oil significantly reduces the appearance of acne and skin imbalances such as psoriasis and eczema thanks to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Black seed sure makes you a FUN-GAL to be around!

Now for the mic-drop, let’s chat about that gorgeous head of yours. The components of black seed oil help with scalp health and decreases the growth of various fungal organisms…. Aka you can be dandruff-free not just in your dreams. Your new bestie, black seed oil, also contains omega-3 and 6 which stimulates blood circulation, especially in the head.

This can promote rapid hair growth. Not only will you be whipping that hair back and forth, but it will be strong enough to do so! Studies have proven that black seed oil even reduces hair loss- making you have strong hair to match that strength you’ve got inside you.

There’s obviously no BS when it comes to BS and thankfully Bangin Hair knows that. Black seed is the secret (and magical) ingredient in their new hair serum that has even the unicorns in your dreams taking second looks.

Yes, you’ve heard that right, dreams do come true and Bangin Hair serum can make a healthier you!


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