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Did You Know Your Head Has a G-Spot?

Does a luscious head rub send you straight to heaven? Turns out, there’s some science to that — there’s a G-spot on your head, and it’s not hard to find.

What Science Says About Your Cranial G-Spot

Pleasure happens in our brains, so it’s no surprise there’s a spot near the place where our happy feelings are produced that can be stimulated to send us over the moon. Specifically, we’re talking about the ventral capsule/ventral striatum (VC/VS) and the nucleus accumbens, which is the G-spot in the brain.

The VC/VS is part of the limbic system, which controls our movements. It’s thought to be a gateway between our thoughts and our motions. Studies and trials have shown that stimulating this region improves obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), addiction, and depression. We usually associate these conditions with negative emotions, but stimulating this area has shown promising improvements.

That’s why the VC/VS is also considered a pleasure center. It’s associated with good feelings and happy vibes, including orgasm. When scientists do deep brain stimulation on this region, moods instantly improve (and if we’re talking about orgasm, how could it not improve?).

In fact, scientists have put this idea to the test on paralyzed patients with no feeling below the waist. Rather than stimulating below the belt, they stimulated the nervous system in places where the patient still had feeling. The result: scientists successfully induced feelings of orgasms.

Where is the G-Spot on Your Head?

We get it, you don’t have a bunch of fancy science equipment to do deep brain stimulation at home. So how else can you get to the G-spot on your head?

It’s all about stimulating the nervous system, specifically the vagus nerve. This is the main nerve in your parasympathetic system, which controls quiet activities like digestion, rest, and breathing. It’s also part of the gut-brain axis and plays a role in sensory experiences, like tasting food or feeling your skin prickle when you’re scared or excited.

The vagus nerve can be stimulated for sexual pleasure, too. Focusing on the vagus nerve lets you skip the nerves near the base the spinal cord and send signals directly to the nucleus accumbens.

To give yourself a braingasm, push down with your pelvis as you visualize this “button” in your brain. Focus on the cluster of nerves at the base of your spine. Some gentle touching, such as a head massage, can also add to the experience. This will open up the pathway to stimulate your mental G-spot and send your oxytocin levels right off the charts.

Enhance Your Braingasm with a Luscious Head of Hair

Our best-selling hair serum is a great little “helper” for your braingasm. Massage it through your hair to the roots to enhance touch and stimulate your cranial G-spot while improving your locks. It also adds hydration and stimulates growth and blood circulation — just a few more reasons to release some oxytocin and enjoy a little “me time.”


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